Complaints and Refunds

Orders and Deliveries 

Any complaints must be submitted in writing within 24 hours after the reception of the order. 

The submission may be sent via WhatsApp or e-mail with a description of the problem along with a photograph demonstrating the issue at hand.

Makamba is not liable for the interior aspect of any product. E.g. the apple was rotten when it was sliced; however, there were no signs of rotting on its exterior - this complaint is not acceptable. 

Aspects such as discoloration, skin marks, odd shapes and sizes are not considered justifiable complaints. Likewise, the flavor of the fruit or vegetable is highly subjective as sweet, sour and bitter tastes are particular to each person.  


Refunds will be considered in extenuating circumstances at Makamba's discretion in cases such as: the product received is not edible, the quantity received is less than what was ordered and paid for, or a product that has been paid for was not delivered. 

In the case of a refund, the respective amount will be reimbursed after the complaint has been filled.  

There is no option to credit the amount for the next order/purchase. 

Purchases and Pick Ups

It is up to the person making the purchase and/or coming to pick up an order to check the condition of each product and to return in the moment what is not to their liking.

Complaints will not be accepted for purchases and pick ups made in person.